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The municipality of Andeer is located in the Viamala region in the Schamsertal on the Hinterrhein in the canton of Graubünden. For centuries, Andeer and Splügen were dominated by traffic across the Alps. For over 2000 years, the Splügen Pass was the most important connection between Graubünden and Italy, and the path over the San Bernardino also played an important role in the Middle Ages

Andeer is ideally located between Chur and Bellinzona on the N13, in a unique and almost untouched mountain landscape. Nature lovers, hikers, cyclists and guests interested in culture and cuisine find their balance here. Andeer is also known for its thermal baths and the completely redesigned rehabilitation infrastructure and is well equipped for the future.

A new motorway chapel is planned on the N13, which is to be inaugurated in 2023. This is to be carried out by the world-famous architects Herzog & de Meuron Basel Ltd.

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