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The Hotel Post on Postplatz in the middle of the village of Andeer was built in 1894 by Pietro Giuseppe Lombardini, born in 1853 in San Bernardo (near Chiavenna), grandfather of the current owner Robert Lombardini.

In 1964 the ground floor with the restaurant and kitchen was rebuilt and central heating was installed.

In 1992 the toilet facility was expanded on the ground floor and showers were installed in the rooms.

Paula Lombardini-Schwager, mother of Robert Lombardini, ran the business from 1939 to 1970 and developed it into a renowned "address". Robert Lombardini's brother Toni ran the business with his wife Rosemarie until his sudden death in 2001.

The hotel was then run by different tenants until Robert Lombardini decided to save this Andeer landmark and took care of its renovation.

Hannah and Steve Van Remoortel-Bui have been running the Hotel Post Andeer as tenants since February 2021.

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